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The Journey Dancesport Tournament was created with a mission to help align young competitive dancers with their “sports” oriented goals.  More and more young athletes are participating in Dancesport throughout the United States. Many of these athletes have a dream of someday being able to go as far as competing at national and world recognized events.  Even the Olympic Games in the future may become within their reach as Dancesport continues the quest to be recognized as a sport.

The Journey provides a platform to compete on a level that helps these athletes prepare for such achievements as well as being able to compete for the pure joy of the sport. It also fosters teamwork, good sportsmanship and social skills.  This competition series is proud to be part of the AAU (Amateur Athletes Union).   As an AAU recognized Athletic Club, competitors participating in this Tournament Series have an opportunity to be part of one of the largest multi-sports organizations in the country.  AAU is dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness.  Their philosophy is Sports for All, Forever.

  Dancesport combines sport and dance, while improving physical fitness and mental well-being. It helps improve strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, posture while incorporating teamwork and artistic expression. Social relationships are developed as well as the opportunity to achieve competitive level results.

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